Estepa Patagonica

El Bolson



Immerse in the Argentinean Patagonia, in the province of Rio Negro, El Bolson surprises with its magnificent mountain range and small valleys which form the Andean Shire. From the Andes to the sea, the icon of Parallel 42 at the end of the main avenue indicates the limit with the province of Chubut, where you find the towns of Lake Puelo, El Hoyo, Epuyén, Cholila and El Maitén. Long time ago, Mapuche people chose these valleys to rest during their long nomad journeys. Muleteers travelling from Chile and European descendents followed them and this way they started to form part of the local community. Diverse people flows never stopped arriving in these lands with the same purpose. Syrian, Lebanese, Italian, Spanish, German, English, French and even Japanese compose, along with the local people, this great community and it is reflected in its culture, art, sports and production activities. These days over 20,000 who inhabit the Shire arrived as the"modern nomads" seeking for a relaxed and natural life style. The diverse migratory flows led to numerous myths and legends in this town. During the 70 s massive groups of young hippies and artists arrived. Among others those who took part in the Argentinean version of the play "Hair" as well as musicians who sought inspiration in this enchanting landscape. Writers, painters, sculptures, and people from varied cultural backgrounds and religions settled in these lands. New Aegean, Hippies, Plesiosaurus, Butch Cassidy, UFOs, Elves and Fairies are some of the characters who take part in the stories and beliefs of these Valleys, where magical become real.

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