Estepa Patagonica



Patagonia is synonym for thousands of deserted acres. The wind blows along the infinite fields. The Patagonian estancias are built in the middle of this isolated immensity. Most of them are involved in sheep breeding and other livestock according to the region. In the last few years, rural tourism became popular in Patagonia and some of the Estancias opened their doors to the public. Most of them are located in the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Río Negro´s mid valley. Relax and enjoy adventure while living the life of a southern "paisano". The day may start, for example, with sheep shearing or herding followed by a delicious lamb barbecue. Trekking, rock climbing, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, photographic safaris, archaeological expeditions are some of many activities at the estancias to end the day watching the stars in the southern sky or relaxing inside the comfortable and cosy main house.

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